Slim Soft X-Ray Ionizer

  • Communication with RS-485, the information of the accumulated time usage can be managed through PC
  • Easy to install due to slim design
  • Light weight
  • Decay time: ±1000V to ±100V
  • Temperature & humidity: 24°C, 50%RH

Flexible Arm Soft X-Ray Ionizer

  • X-ray radiating direction can be controlled with flexible arm (500mm length)
  • It can ionize narrow spaces well
  • Convenient installment condition
  • Natural air cooling method
  • Decay time: ±1000V to ±100V
  • Temperature & humidity: 24°C, 50%RH

Auto Ion Volume & Slim Ion Bar

  • Stable ion balance during long term usage
  • Stable performance from high frequency (100Hz)
  • Able to apply in various conditions
  • Increase ion generation by reducing corona discharge loss
  • Can set tip cleaning alarm period with timer
  • Fluid dynamic nozzle socket for preventing tip contamination
  • Easy tip cleaning and replacement
  • Minimum air consumption
  • Operating distance: 50-2000mm
  • With remote control function

Desktop Ion Blower

  • Medium and small size ion blower
  • Easy maintenance via automatic tip cleaning function
  • Built in safety feature
  • Fan speed control
  • Automatic ion balance control
  • Provided with LED indicator

AC Corona Discharge Ion Gun

  • Small size gun type ion nozzle
  • Stable ion balance within ±10V (300mm)
  • Ergonomically designed ion gun
  • Identifying particle/dust through LED light
  • Easy to disassemble the nozzle, simple/easy tip cleaning